October 16, 2021

Our Engagement story!


Where do I begin? 

This trip to palm springs was suppose to be our 3 year anniversary trip since we weren't able to go last year due to covid. 
He tried not to give it away by saying 
"do not expect me to purpose on this trip,  its not gonna happen."


Well, It happened our first night there during sunset. He wanted to buy champagne to celebrate so I did not think much since we were going to a fancier dinner. We sat outside on our patio enjoying the sunset over the Mountains. We were enjoying the view for a bit until he went to the bathroom for about 20mins which I thought was strange but only for a second.

so I decided to do a tiktok..

(thought that was funny)


He came back out and wanted to take a picture together which we did, We got a few but they came out bad, so I decided to sit back down to finish the drink. He tired to get me up to take one more picture. 
He looked at me and said 
"come look at the view" 
so I got up and looked then he went behind me to tap on my shoulder,  then it happened!

Next day..

Best way to start the trip

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