July 7, 2021

The Nails?!


Did you get Gel Nails at the salon?!


I've been getting A TON of questions about my nails lately (mainly asking where I got them done). Let me tell you a secret, that being  I did them myself with the help of Nails Mailed! Now you're probably wondering who are they and if they are easy to apply...well let me tell you. I used the nail polish wraps about 5 times now and it takes me only 5 mins to apply. That includes a clear top coat which lasts 3 weeks. They do have regular nail polish that I heard a lot of good things about also. 

They are a at home manicure company that has long lasting nail polish and nail stickers based in Utah. They have been cruelty free since the day 1 and vegan! 

How to apply Nail wraps...

  1.  clean nails w/ alcohol & file and smooth nails
  2.  choose nail strip w/ an appropriate size
  3.  remove the transparent protective layer & raise the nail sticker by holding sliver strip
  4. place rounded side at nail base sticky side down & smooth nail until wrinkle free
  5. remove needless nail strip along w/ the edge of the finger nail
  6. clean up! dip your nail into water for 8mins then remove nail wrap & wash it with hand sanitizer 

Any questions about Nailsmailed please leave me a comment!

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