October 22, 2020

Happy Hair

 This blog will not have everything about hair just as much as I know personally! 

sorry about this blog being posted late

Let me start this blog by saying I have fine long hair. I do not know about every hair type this blog will have hair accessories and hair styles. If you want me to add anything to the blog just let me know in the comments or message me on my Instagram!

(I will add it when I am able too)

💕 Hannah

Lets get into it!!

Hair accessories!!

Hair accessories make every look more fun even if your hair is messy you can add accessories to make a look! I will add some hair accessories (ties/scarfs, clips, srunchies, and headbands). 

Everything will be linked below!


These next ones are 3 for $12!

More can be found on free people!


As some of you saw on my Instagram I did a reel of this twist braid I learned on Youtube a few years ago. 

If you haven't seen it I'll post it below! 

*click image below to view reel*

Here is how to do the twist braid step by step

1. Brush your hair and part it on the side. Then brush the hair to one side.
2. TWIST TIME Take a chunk of hair from back and front of your head, then twist down while adding more hair.
3. Once the twist is down to the bottom of your scalp start doing a normal braid!
4. Grab a hair band and grab some bobby pins.
5. Add bobby pins to the twist to help it stay still better and make it bigger.

I do have a board on my Pinterest all about different hairstyles I usually wear everyday! I will link the board 

This will be updated when I have more time..