August 1, 2020

Take your Vitamins!

You are probably wondering which vitamins to take and how do they help you? 

That's why I'm here

(Also don't take all of these together and read more about them before consuming)

I had a opportunity to try out some awesome gummies and vitamins so you can decide if you want to try them or not! Before I started this blog, I wanted to take them for at least a few weeks (some I've taken for months) so I can give you a good honest review. Also always look up more information or talk to your doctor before taking any gummies and vitamins!

Below I included all the gummies and vitamins that I have been taking!
(they will also be linked)

About these gummies

Supports hair growths
• Maintains the health of hair follicles 
• Helps healthy color maintenance
• Fo-Ti, Zinc, PABA & Biotin

I've been taking these hair gummies for about 3 years now. I did notice my hair feeling healthier and stronger after taking them. I know you're wondering if it actually helps with growth, and I would say it does!
For those wanting to help your hair grow, I highly recommend!
(I also will continue to take these)

Nature's Bounty Ultra Strength Probiotic 10

About these vitamins

Advance support for
• Optimal Digestive Balance
 Healthy Immune Function

I keep these on me everywhere I go just incase my stomach gets upset. Out of all the vitamins in this blog I've taken these the longest. I first started taking them when I had to take antibiotics and haven't stopped. They helped my stomach out so much throughout the years!
I recommend these and will continue to buy these!

Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies by MaryRuth's

About these gummies

Apple Cider Vinegar gummies offer multiple health benefits
Improves Digestion, Detox & Metabolism
Health Boost 

These gummies were gifted by the brand and I'm so happy I tried them! My stomach would always be upset in the morning but since I've been taking these its been way more relaxed. While I've been taking these for 2 month I see a difference in my digestion its way better then before!
I do recommend these, but always talk to your doctor first if you are unsure!
(I will be buying these again)

Flamingo Supplements - Hydrolyzed Collagen Gummies

About these gummies

• Strengthen your hair & nails
• Improve joint health
slows the ageing process & increase skin elasticity 

These gummies I was also gifted by the company. I've taken these ones for almost a month and my nails are getting stronger. They used to break all the time so that's a plus! Other then that I haven't noticed much. I do want to try more gummies from this company.
(Talk to your doctor before trying these if you are unsure)

Elderberry Immune Support

About these Vitamins

Immune support formula
packed with powerful antioxidants & Vitamin C

These ones are the newest ones I was gifted! Since covid is happening and I'm continuing to work, I thought I would try these out! I take 2 a day so hopefully this will help keep me healthy!
(I will update once I've taken it longer)

Try these vitamins out for yourself and let me know how in the comments if you like them!



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