June 29, 2020

Designer Shoe lookalikes!

Welcome to the first original post on my new blog!

What better way to start then finding designer shoes at a more reasonable price!
You are probably reading this because you do not want to pay full price for shoes, but really want to get the look. I looked around on Amazon and many other sites and found really good lookalikes. I will have every lookalike linked in this blog or my liketoknowit! 
Hope I found a dupe you liked!

The sneakers that I have are these Golden Goose lookalike from Goodnight Macaroon. The sneakers that I have are the 'Vanessa' sequinned star distressed sneakers in the silver star color. 
(look like Golden Goose Superstar low-top sneakers) 

Here are some lookalikes that i have on my liketoknowit
click here for the post below!

Down below I will add more that I found!
*Click the image to see on website*

There is a ton more of lookalikes but these are the ones with the best reviews! Always remember to check out reviews before buying lookalikes just to know what you're getting. 
Stay tune for my blog where you tell me which designer lookalikes to buy! (coming soon) I will probably have some shoes on that too!
If you found a pair that you like let me know in the comments!!


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