November 23, 2020

We love affordable cardis


Welcome to a blog about probably my most worn piece of clothing CARDIGANS! You can dress a cardigan up or down and they go with every season. I understand they can get pricey at times but that is probably why you are here! I have found some cute and comfy cardigans at a great price. 

I will be linking each one I found below! Hopefully you find one you like for you or a Christmas gift for someone!

(all of these will be under $50)


💕 Hannah


Letter Patterns Button Through Cardigan
A fun and cozy cardigan to keep you warm 
since its on the thicker side.

(sizes ONE SIZE)

Dual Pockets Cable knit Cardigan
This cardi has a oversized fit and is super
soft (plus it has pockets)

(sizes S-L)

SHEIN Button Front Crop Cardigan
 The color is gorgeous and will look cute under
any jacket. Fits true to size and is super soft
(sizes S-L)



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Ready to go pink color block cardigan
super cute for a everyday winter and 
fall outfits. Can be dressed up or down
fits true to size
(sizes S-L)

Can't stop me cream white cardigan
this cardigan has fun pom poms can be casual
or dressy. The sleeves run a tad shorter but is
super soft.

(sizes S-L)

Fresh new Start Marsala red frayed cardigan
The perfect color for fall and winter. This cardi
runs true to size and is super cute!

(sizes S/M-M/L)


Use HANNAHNILS for a discount on these!

Kassie Cardigan
this cardigan is mid length super
soft but thinner better for warmer days.

(sizes only M left)

Adri Cardigan
Longer length with a super cute pattern
for fall and winter!

(size S/M-M/L)

Venus Cardigan
A longer gorgeous plum colored cardigan.
Perfect for winter time!
(sizes S-L)

Target Cardigans

Plus sized open neck basic cardigan
This one runs slightly small. is super cute for
any everyday outfit and is super soft.
(sizes X-4X)

Leopard Print Cardigan
A longer cardigan with a fun print
and super soft
(sizes XS - XXS)
Puff Button-Front Cardi
A higher end sweater for a great
price. A perfect length and makes
any look!
(sizes XS - XXS)


Amazon Cardigans

Merokeety Long Sleeve 

Cable Knit Cardigan

This cardigan is perfect for any occasion 

and it has a super soft material.

(sizes S-XXL) 


Simplee Oversized
Lantern Sleeve Knit

Has a oversized and flowy fit 
and is perfect for fall.
(sizes 4-10)

MissyLife Solid Color
Casual Knit Sweater

A lot softer looking then in the picture has
a longer fit. Keeps you warm and goes with


beneliza Cardigan Sweater Crop Top

 Button Down Two Piece Set

This one is adorable and is a super soft material. The fit is 
cropped so looks great with high waisted clothing.
(sizes S-L)
up to $29.95

(be sure to be following my liketoknowit for more cardigans I find in the future)

Let me know in the comments what you thought of the cardigans that I found! Also let me know if you got one for you or a gift for someone this holiday season!

October 22, 2020

Happy Hair

 This blog will not have everything about hair just as much as I know personally! 

sorry about this blog being posted late

Let me start this blog by saying I have fine long hair. I do not know about every hair type this blog will have hair accessories and hair styles. If you want me to add anything to the blog just let me know in the comments or message me on my Instagram!

(I will add it when I am able too)

💕 Hannah

Lets get into it!!

Hair accessories!!

Hair accessories make every look more fun even if your hair is messy you can add accessories to make a look! I will add some hair accessories (ties/scarfs, clips, srunchies, and headbands). 

Everything will be linked below!


These next ones are 3 for $12!

More can be found on free people!


As some of you saw on my Instagram I did a reel of this twist braid I learned on Youtube a few years ago. 

If you haven't seen it I'll post it below! 

*click image below to view reel*

Here is how to do the twist braid step by step

1. Brush your hair and part it on the side. Then brush the hair to one side.
2. TWIST TIME Take a chunk of hair from back and front of your head, then twist down while adding more hair.
3. Once the twist is down to the bottom of your scalp start doing a normal braid!
4. Grab a hair band and grab some bobby pins.
5. Add bobby pins to the twist to help it stay still better and make it bigger.

I do have a board on my Pinterest all about different hairstyles I usually wear everyday! I will link the board 

This will be updated when I have more time..

August 1, 2020

Take your Vitamins!

You are probably wondering which vitamins to take and how do they help you? 

That's why I'm here

(Also don't take all of these together and read more about them before consuming)

I had a opportunity to try out some awesome gummies and vitamins so you can decide if you want to try them or not! Before I started this blog, I wanted to take them for at least a few weeks (some I've taken for months) so I can give you a good honest review. Also always look up more information or talk to your doctor before taking any gummies and vitamins!

Below I included all the gummies and vitamins that I have been taking!
(they will also be linked)

About these gummies

Supports hair growths
• Maintains the health of hair follicles 
• Helps healthy color maintenance
• Fo-Ti, Zinc, PABA & Biotin

I've been taking these hair gummies for about 3 years now. I did notice my hair feeling healthier and stronger after taking them. I know you're wondering if it actually helps with growth, and I would say it does!
For those wanting to help your hair grow, I highly recommend!
(I also will continue to take these)

Nature's Bounty Ultra Strength Probiotic 10

About these vitamins

Advance support for
• Optimal Digestive Balance
 Healthy Immune Function

I keep these on me everywhere I go just incase my stomach gets upset. Out of all the vitamins in this blog I've taken these the longest. I first started taking them when I had to take antibiotics and haven't stopped. They helped my stomach out so much throughout the years!
I recommend these and will continue to buy these!

Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies by MaryRuth's

About these gummies

Apple Cider Vinegar gummies offer multiple health benefits
Improves Digestion, Detox & Metabolism
Health Boost 

These gummies were gifted by the brand and I'm so happy I tried them! My stomach would always be upset in the morning but since I've been taking these its been way more relaxed. While I've been taking these for 2 month I see a difference in my digestion its way better then before!
I do recommend these, but always talk to your doctor first if you are unsure!
(I will be buying these again)

Flamingo Supplements - Hydrolyzed Collagen Gummies

About these gummies

• Strengthen your hair & nails
• Improve joint health
slows the ageing process & increase skin elasticity 

These gummies I was also gifted by the company. I've taken these ones for almost a month and my nails are getting stronger. They used to break all the time so that's a plus! Other then that I haven't noticed much. I do want to try more gummies from this company.
(Talk to your doctor before trying these if you are unsure)

Elderberry Immune Support

About these Vitamins

Immune support formula
packed with powerful antioxidants & Vitamin C

These ones are the newest ones I was gifted! Since covid is happening and I'm continuing to work, I thought I would try these out! I take 2 a day so hopefully this will help keep me healthy!
(I will update once I've taken it longer)

Try these vitamins out for yourself and let me know how in the comments if you like them!


June 29, 2020

Designer Shoe lookalikes!

Welcome to the first original post on my new blog!

What better way to start then finding designer shoes at a more reasonable price!
You are probably reading this because you do not want to pay full price for shoes, but really want to get the look. I looked around on Amazon and many other sites and found really good lookalikes. I will have every lookalike linked in this blog or my liketoknowit! 
Hope I found a dupe you liked!

The sneakers that I have are these Golden Goose lookalike from Goodnight Macaroon. The sneakers that I have are the 'Vanessa' sequinned star distressed sneakers in the silver star color. 
(look like Golden Goose Superstar low-top sneakers) 

Here are some lookalikes that i have on my liketoknowit
click here for the post below!

Down below I will add more that I found!
*Click the image to see on website*

There is a ton more of lookalikes but these are the ones with the best reviews! Always remember to check out reviews before buying lookalikes just to know what you're getting. 
Stay tune for my blog where you tell me which designer lookalikes to buy! (coming soon) I will probably have some shoes on that too!
If you found a pair that you like let me know in the comments!!