February 8, 2022



I'm back .. as you all know I was gonna be moving my blog platform from blogger to wordpress.org but right now I wanna hold off for a little bit. To when I will be moving it I am unsure. So the blog about my office I will be working on it starting tomorrow.

sorry my blog has been quiet but things will be getting back to normal real quick!

updates will be on my Instagram.

❤ Hannah

October 16, 2021

Our Engagement story!


Where do I begin? 

This trip to palm springs was suppose to be our 3 year anniversary trip since we weren't able to go last year due to covid. 
He tried not to give it away by saying 
"do not expect me to purpose on this trip,  its not gonna happen."


Well, It happened our first night there during sunset. He wanted to buy champagne to celebrate so I did not think much since we were going to a fancier dinner. We sat outside on our patio enjoying the sunset over the Mountains. We were enjoying the view for a bit until he went to the bathroom for about 20mins which I thought was strange but only for a second.

so I decided to do a tiktok..

(thought that was funny)


He came back out and wanted to take a picture together which we did, We got a few but they came out bad, so I decided to sit back down to finish the drink. He tired to get me up to take one more picture. 
He looked at me and said 
"come look at the view" 
so I got up and looked then he went behind me to tap on my shoulder,  then it happened!

Next day..

Best way to start the trip

Sawyers story


Here is the story of our adopted terrier mix named Sawyer

(this blog is written by myself and my fiancé Scott)

We believe Sawyer is 3 years old, and we adopted him from Rovers Retreat (thanks to my brother Nathan for telling us about them). From what we know about his past he had two homes before he came to ours, and was left outside most of his life with no attention. 

Most recently we found out his name was originally Buster! When he first came to our house he was very scared around us. It took some time before he would come close to us, but now he doesn't like to be separated from us ever.

(our first pic together)

We love our bubbies!

July 7, 2021

The Nails?!


Did you get Gel Nails at the salon?!


I've been getting A TON of questions about my nails lately (mainly asking where I got them done). Let me tell you a secret, that being  I did them myself with the help of Nails Mailed! Now you're probably wondering who are they and if they are easy to apply...well let me tell you. I used the nail polish wraps about 5 times now and it takes me only 5 mins to apply. That includes a clear top coat which lasts 3 weeks. They do have regular nail polish that I heard a lot of good things about also. 

They are a at home manicure company that has long lasting nail polish and nail stickers based in Utah. They have been cruelty free since the day 1 and vegan! 

How to apply Nail wraps...

  1.  clean nails w/ alcohol & file and smooth nails
  2.  choose nail strip w/ an appropriate size
  3.  remove the transparent protective layer & raise the nail sticker by holding sliver strip
  4. place rounded side at nail base sticky side down & smooth nail until wrinkle free
  5. remove needless nail strip along w/ the edge of the finger nail
  6. clean up! dip your nail into water for 8mins then remove nail wrap & wash it with hand sanitizer 

Any questions about Nailsmailed please leave me a comment!

June 18, 2021

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April 10, 2021

About my britanyand.co YSL lookalike bag


This the lookalike of

Color - Tan
Measurements - 6 1/2in x 9 1/2in x 3in
Strap length - 47 - 53in
(currently on backorder)

About my bag

I've had this bag for about 4 months now and it still looks like new! I've worn it as my everyday for 2 months now and I love it. There isn't any color transfer on this bag and I have worn it with all my jeans. I am 5'4 and I mainly wear it crossbody, and it hits right below my hip. I can fit a lot of my important things in it (like my sunglasses case and my LV Victorine wallet) and still have extra room.

Do I recommend britanyand.co for all my dupes?

Yes! All my dupes in the future I will order from her! I've seen other my other blogger friends on Instagram who have other dupes from her and only have good things to say.

Any more questions please leave them in the comments!

February 10, 2021

All about Chala handbags

As you all know I've been starting to look into handbags and I want to share this gorgeous handbag with you!

Shop Chala handbags here

(Also shop them on Amazon!)

Who is Chala?

They have their own unique style with their own personality. You can always find something that is your style when shopping their handbags. They are an advocate for animal rights, welfare, and only uses only PETA-Approved vegan friendly materials. A big plus is they donate 5% of their annual profits to aid animals in need with their charity partner, Heart and Home Animal Rescue, which I love!

Why pick Chala?

Their designs are always functional and fashionable. The quality of their bags are very nice and sturdy to be a long lasting everyday bag. The price point of their bags are reasonable and affordable. They do not sell products that they as designers would not pay for themselves. 

About the bag I chose 

The bag I chose is Pawprint B&W - Sweet Tote/Hobo bag in the gorgeous rose color! This bag has been a lifesaver when I am out with Sawyer. Its easy to fit mine and his stuff. The bag also has a crossbody strap to wear it comfortably. I have been using it for a few weeks and it still looks perfect. It makes any look so much cuter!

Tell me what you think of Chala handbags!

💕 Hannah